Covid-19 Policy

We wanted to update you on the work that has been going on behind the scenes whilst our kitchen has been closed. We're looking ahead to the near future where we can continue our service of providing delicious, freshly prepared, seasonal meals for your business!

The safety and wellbeing of both our customers and staff will always be our number one priority, and given the times we find ourselves in today, we've put in some new measures in the way we will operate.

Our Reassurance To You

As this pandemic plays out, it has become increasingly apparent that everyone will need to adapt, and learn ways to live and work safely with Covid-19 - as best as we can. We've been working round the clock to ensure we can continue to provide safe working conditions for both our team and customers when we reopen. We wanted to share with you the steps we have now put in place, and to give you the reassurance that Wolf & Lamb is ready for any changes to our industry.

Our New Customer Care Policy

Catering is a social business, and there's human interaction at every stage of the process. We've looked at ways in which we can reduce the number of these interactions, whilst practicing safe social distancing at work.

Kitchen & Office Staff

Our office and events team will continue to work from our office, however we will no longer work alongside our kitchen staff in food preparation areas. Only a minimal number of chefs will prepare food in the kitchen on any given day. To protect our staff, we will now operate a weekly change in rota, so everyone receives a fair share of the work available, whilst keeping people as separated as possible.

Increased Hygiene Policy

  1. We're doing daily temperature checks on all staff working onsite.
  2. Staff at all sites will now be required to wear face masks.
  3. A greater amount of hand sanitisation stations have been set up in food preparation areas, and we have re-briefed our team on the best hand washing practices.
  4. No outdoor clothing is allowed onsite, and we've provided our team with a new set of Wolf and Lamb overalls to be worn at work only.
  5. We've put in place even stricter hygiene requirements for those handling food or delivery packaging.
  6. We're cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces in the office and warehouse areas.
  7. Outside of working hours, our team have agreed to practice social distancing, and to follow up to date government advice.

A Reduced Menu

Here at Wolf & Lamb we know that variety is the spice of life, and we always work hard to create exciting seasonal menus for our clients. In order continue with our high standards, whilst running the kitchen at minimum capacity, we will be temporarily operating a reduced menu. We're currently working away at something very exciting, so watch this space.

Changes To Our Delivery Service

We know that you, or your client may have concerns of the safety of using food delivery services whilst we continue to protect agains Covid-19. We've been working on new ways to address these concerns. Here's what we've now put in place:

We can now provide you contactless delivery drivers and individually boxed meals to help reduce the human interaction at your next event. To make this possible, we can now offer you:

  1. Catering delivered in fully compostable, recyclable disposable packaging. This will mean no more collections and less contact with deliver drivers.
  2. Whilst we will still offer our hot box buffet menu, we appreciate that you may have concerns over the sharing of food during this period. So, we've put together individually boxed meals, tailor made for each and every customer.
  3. We can now work with agreed food drop off locations, and should you wish, our drivers can drop food to you without any interaction.
  4. Our delivery drivers will all wear fresh gloves and masks for every drop.

Warehouse Re-organisation

To improve our social distancing efforts, we've restructured the layout of our warehouse and packing areas. We've looked ways that allow staff to work further apart, and focused on our packaging procedures - all designed to reduce human interaction as much as possible.

Let's Work together

We value your opinion, and we would love to hear from you. If you have any special requirements during this time, please reach out and get in touch with us today. Together we can get through this difficult time.