Covid-19 Policy

As this pandemic plays out, it has become increasingly apparent that everyone will need to adapt, and learn ways to live and work safely with Covid-19 - as best as we can. We've been working round the clock to ensure we can continue to provide safe working conditions for both our team and customers when we reopen. We wanted to share with you the steps we have now put in place, and to give you the reassurance that Wolf & Lamb is ready for any changes to our industry.


We’ve been operating restaurant and catering businesses for almost a decade but Covid-19 forced us to adapt. What started as a desire to help our community with deliveries of fresh produce and essential home products, has now grown to a fully stocked online grocery store delivering anywhere in London and within the M25 as well as Southend and Essex.

Our Kitchen Is Ready For Business

As we move through these uncertain times, we're looking ahead to ensure the smooth reopening of our operations, as soon as this becomes a possibility. We're looking ahead to the near future where we can continue our service of providing delicious, freshly prepared, seasonal meals for your business!

The safety and wellbeing of both our customers and staff will always be our number one priority, and given the times we find ourselves in today, we've put in some new measures in the way we will operate.

We Do Breakfast

Start your day right with a breakfast made for you; from healthier options including avocado, smoked salmon, and fresh seasonal fruit, to something a little naughtier.

We Do Hot Box Buffet

Sharing food - it’s part of our heritage. And what better way to accommodate large numbers of people than a bespoke buffet? Whether you prefer hot or cold dishes (or a mixture of both), you’ve got the freedom to tailor our offering to your exact needs.

We Create Epic Bowl Foods

The concept is simple enough: little bowls that pack big flavour. Classic dishes, distilled into a few mouthfuls of goodness. Note that you’ll probably need around four to five bowls per person to ensure everyone leaves satisfied.

We Do Afternoon Tea

Whether you’re working to a smaller budget, or prefer a light snack rather a hot meal, we have a range of tasty meat, veggie and vegan sandwiches to satisfy all taste buds. Thanks to our artisanal baker, you can tailor your order to everyone’s needs: for those that can’t eat gluten or wheat, we’ve got you covered.

We Do Bespoke Banquets

Our team of chefs and party planners specialise in creating unforgetable dining experiences for any occassion. We can work with your ideas to produce the perfect menu for your event.

We Design Mouth-Watering Canapés

We provide creative, tasty canapes to suit any occasion, working to all briefs and themes. Whether you want them all to be one colour, or for them to all be based around a specific ingredient, no brief is too much of a challenge for us. For sweet or savoury, tell us your vibe and we’ll sort you out.

We Smash The Street Food

We don't just stop at the concept and menu stage. We'll set up vintage food H vans and airstreams to serve it from. We'll even create fantasy street food brands for your event, inspire a theme, and really transform you and your guest to another world.

We Craft Delicious Cocktails

Whether it's for a brand activation or private party, wedding day or office drinks, we'll craft a menu that's tailor made for you guests. Our in-house team are always working on new creations. Why not try our signature liquid? Or let's get even more creative - we'll design one for you event.

Our Regulars

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