The Wolf and the Lamb

Our friendship was born over our love of food and cooking. As two people who have grown up in London’s multicultural society within second-generation Mediterranean families, wonderful cooking has always surrounded us. With over thirty years of cooking experience between us, and a friendship that has spanned almost fifteen years, we are perfectly suited and equipped to create that much-needed spark in the kitchen. The influence of families that are so immersed in a special food culture has undoubtedly been the biggest  driver in our day-to-day lives. We have always been exposed to the highest quality family cooking, and this has encouraged us to expand our knowledge and develop our palates even further. Building on our own respective bases of Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Turkey we have, through extensive travel, been able to expand our repertoire to include specialist ingredients from all over the world. Using the traditional style and heartiness that is part and parcel of our family cooking as a starting point, we have since been able to adapt our style to produce fresher and more experimental dishes that draw on a wide array of worldwide cuisine.

Our Mission

Our aim at Wolf & Lamb is to provide our customers with exciting, freshly made food that is made almost entirely of locally sourced ingredients. We strive to create beautifully presented and well thought out menus, which take into account natural, sustainable and seasonal ingredients as well as synergy of favours. We hope to create a unique and memorable experience for each client no matter the brief and we make sure our passion and love for what we do always comes out in our food.


Having lived and worked in London for almost 50 years between us, our knowledge of the area, the industries and the cultures that are part of the city’s vibrant core is second to none. We have witnessed first-hand the expansion that the food scene has been enjoying for the past decade or so, and believe this inside knowledge is invaluable when it comes to starting a venture such as ours.

In terms of clientele, the epicentre of our customer base is London’s East End. With a growing number of fashion, production and photography companies choosing to locate themselves there, we have managed to build up a loyal base of enthusiastic professionals with a desire for something different. This is not to say we are a strictly East London operation, however. Our delivery service stretches across North and East London out towards the M25 and beyond.

As this area has been our home our whole lives, we are extremely conscientious about maintaining it. The environment plays an integral role in the way we run our business, as we place a huge emphasis on recycling and ethical waste management. The economy of our business is one that has remained green and sustainable since its inception. We are also extremely supportive of local businesses, and purchase most of our fresh produce from local nurseries such as Stubbins & Glinwell. These companies have their own farms and greenhouses that provide organic, ethically sourced local produce, we are extremely proud to have such a relationship with them. By doing this, we cut out the middleman to ensure all our ingredients are consistently of the highest quality.

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